Power sanders are numerous, and with each different task you might have in mind there may be one better type over the other. While some types of sanders such as palm or random orbital may be suited for all different types of sanding projects while others such as floor sanders are best suited for one specific task. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone looking for finding that diamond in the rough than you have come to the right place.

When researching the many types of power sanders you have probably determined there are literally too many out there. Depending on many factors such as performance, speed, durability, price, and much more you will find that any decision may be too difficult to make. This is why Sande-Review was created as we literally take the guesswork out of it all as our team of professionals will not only save you time, but will give you all the reasons for and against.

The following takes an in-depth look at the Top 20 Power Sanders of 2018 including the very best floor, random orbit, drywall, cordless, belt, spindle sanders, and all of the rest.

Top 20 Power Sanders of 2017 Comparison Table

PictureNameTypeSizeWeightPriceRatingCheck Best Price
Astro 322P ONYX 6 Inch Finishing Palm Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictAstro 322P ONYX 6-Inch Finishing Palm SanderFinishing Palm Sander6-Inch1.5 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
Dynabrade 56815 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictDynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Random Orbital SanderRandom Orbital Sander5-Inch2 pounds$$$10.0 buy_now
Makita B06030 2.7 Amp 6 Inch Random Orbit Sander Review - Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictMakita BO6030 Random Orbit Variable Speed SanderRandom Orbit Variable Speed Sander6-Inch5.1 pounds$$$10.0 buy_now
Astro 325P ONYX 6 Inch Finishing Palm Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictAstro 325P ONYX Finishing Palm SanderFinishing Palm Sander6-Inch1.9 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
Titan Tools 19225 6 Inch Orbital Palm Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictTitan Tools 19225 6" Orbital Palm SanderOrbital Palm Sander6-Inch2.9 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
Clarke Orbital Floor Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons, and VerdictClarke Orbital Floor SanderOrbital Floor Sander12" x 18"154 pounds$$$$10.0 buy_now
Hitachi S18SB 6.2 Amp Vertical Disc Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictHitachi S18SB 6.2-Amp Vertical Disc SanderVertical Disc Sander7-Inch8.1 pounds$$$10.0 buy_now
Black & Decker BDER0600 Random Orbit Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictBlack and Decker BDERO600 Random Orbit SanderRandom Orbit Sander5-Inch3.4 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
Grizzly G0723 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander Review - Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictGrizzly G0723 Benchtop Oscillating SanderBenchtop Oscillating Sander1/4-HP52.5 pounds$$$10.0 buy_now
COMIE 750 Watt Adjustable Drywall Sander Review Product Description, Pros, Cons and the VerdictComie 750W Variable Speed Drywall SanderVariable Speed Drywall Sander8.8-Inch11.03 pounds$$$10.0 buy_now
Capri Tools CP32074 6 Inch Random Orbital Palm Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictCapri Tools CP32074 Random Orbital Palm SanderRandom Orbital Palm Sander6-Inch2.9 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
PowRyte Basic 100354 6 inch Air Random Orbit Palm Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictPowRyte Basic 100354 Air Random Orbit SanderAir Random Orbit Sander6-Inch2.1 pounds$$10.0 buy_now
Bosch OS50VC 120 Volt 3.4 Amp ½ Sheet Finishing Orbit Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictBosch OS50VC Variable Speed Orbital Finishing SanderVariable Speed Orbital Finishing Sander1/2-Sheet 6 pounds$$$9.9 buy_now
WerkMaster Termite Xt Wood Floor Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons, and VerdictWerkmaster Termite Xt Wood Floor SanderWood Floor Sander22 x 15 x 28 Inches152 pounds$$$$9.9 buy_now
Werkmaster Scarab Hardwood Floor Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons, and VerdictWERKMASTER 001-0084-00 Scarab Hardwood Floor SanderHardwood Floor Sander16 x 16 x 8 Inches28 pounds$$$$9.9 buy_now
Craftsman 2.0 Amp ¼ sheet Palm Sander Review: Product description, Pros, Cons and VerdictCraftsman 2.0 AMP 1/4" Sheet Palm SanderPalm Sander1/4" Sheet3.8 pounds$$9.9 buy_now
Dynabrade 59020 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictDynabrade 59020 Dynorbital-Spirit Random Orbital SanderRandom Orbital Sander5-Inch1.4 pounds$$$9.9 buy_now
WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander Review - Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictWEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle SanderOscillating Spindle Sander20.3 x 15.5 x 24 inches9.2 pounds$$$9.8 buy_now
Makita GV5010 5 Inch Disc Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictMakita GV5010 5-Inch Disc SanderDisc Sander5-Inch2.4 pounds$$9.8 buy_now
Makita 9237CX3 7 Inch Cordless Sander Review: Product Description, Pros, Cons and VerdictMakita 9237CX3 Variable Speed Polisher-SanderVariable Speed Polisher-Sander7-Inch13.5 pounds$$$9.8 buy_now
Breaking down the best of the best when looking at what makes the following the Top 20 Power Sanders of 2017 in this comparison table.

20. Makita GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander – 9.8

The Makita GV5010 is a 5” disc sander that deserves the 9.8 out of 10. This near perfect power sander is a true powerhouse that demonstrates that control, performance, and dependability can be found in one ergonomic disc sander. Boasting a 5” sanding pad that is perfect for sanding all types of surfaces including wood, aluminum, metal, and virtually anything you can imagine.

The Makita GV5010 is powered by a 4.2 Amp motor that gives you 4500 RPM’s for superior performance. The speed and efficiency is nearly impossible to find with any other disc sander and it comes complete with an ergonomic padded, double insulated handle. Weighing only 2.4 pounds and coming in at under $93, you won’t find much more for much less.

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19. Makita 9237CX3 7 Inch Cordless Sander – 9.8

The Makita 9237CX3 is a cordless sander that features a 7” sanding pad, and scoring a 9.8 out of 10 demonstrates that it’s among the best of the best power sanders for a very good reason. Missing the mark ever so slightly, but boasts plenty of what DIY enthusiasts and professionals depend on the most. Boasting a variable speed polisher that is perfect for a multitude of purposes which makes this a treat for a many types of projects.

This kit comes complete with a bag for easy storage and convenience along with sanding pads to allow use as soon as you get it. This polisher/sander tool features a variable speed dial and trigger which allows the user to match the speed with the specific project. For consistent speeds, the constant speed control allows the user to lock in the desired speed for continuous, and very efficient use.

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18. Makita GV5010 5 Inch Disc Sander – 9.8

This 5” disc sander is one of Makita’s finest as it features a 4.2 Amp motor which gives you plenty of power for DIY projects and professional projects alike. The sanding features makes this a must have as the motor delivers 4500 RPM’s for quick, and fast sanding. The ergonomic soft, double insulated handle is suitable for those looking for long, continuous projects.

Durability won’t be an issue at all as the Makita GB5010 is built to last. The ball and needle bearing construction will prove worthy for large tasks, and will be a very dependable disc sander for many years to come. Coming in at under $100, the price is very competitive and proves once again that superior performance doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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18. WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander – 9.8

The WEN 6510 has become an Amazon best seller and with its 9.8 out of 10 it proves that it’s not only one of the best spindle sanders, but it’s one of the best power sanders of the year. The WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander does everything you want, and costing you under $135 with free shipping you truly get it the way you deserve.

The 6510 features a 3.5 Amp motor which churns out 2000 RPM’s with no load. The oscillating motion gives you 58 oscillations per minute and is a proven power tool that is backed with the high quality of WEN. The quiet operation allows you to get the best results when sanding arcs, curves, angles, and other unique shapes with ease.

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17. Dynabrade 59020 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander – 9.8

The Dynabrade 59020 is yet another Amazon best seller as thousands of consumers before you have already realized why. This 5” random orbit sander weighs only 1.4 pounds and with the floating five blades it produces more usable power than your average random orbital. Powered by air, you get a very efficient, but very powerful sander for the money.

There is no vacuum attached, but with the optional vacuum kits you can easily extend the Dynabrade 59020. Easily attach a self-generated vacuum or any central vacuum tool which will keep your work area free from any sanding dust. This is the idea sander for overhead, vertical, and horizontal sanding and with Dynabrade’s Speed Control you can easily regulate the speed with your thumb.

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16. Craftsman 2.0 AMP ¼ Sheet Palm Sander – 9.9

This Craftsman ¼ sheet palm sander proves that you can get a whole lot for under $35 bucks. Scoring a 9.9 out of 10, consumers near and far have proved that this deserves to be mentioned among the best power sanders of the year. This Craftsman lives up to what this manufacturer has been introducing for years now as it boasts great performance, reliability, and durability at a very affordable price.

The ¼ sheet pad makes this sander an ideal tool for finishing. Out of the box it comes complete with three sanding pads, dust collection bag, vacuum adapter, and punch slate which means you will have everything you need to get started. Not bad, especially considering the price and with its low profile design you get maximum control.

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15. Werkmaster Scarab Hardwood Floor Sander – 9.9

The Werkmaster Scarab is one of the best hardwood floor sanders on the market and scoring a 9.9 out of 10 it’s already been proven. This floor sander is like having 7 tools in 1 as it can be purposed for a multitude of projects including sanding, edging, grinding, polishing, stripping, buffing, and burnishing. This multi-tool floor sander can be attached to other manufacturers polishers which will extend this tool even more.

This handheld floor sander features a unique 360-degree rotation which allows you to get into those hard to sand places such as corners, up against walls, and other unique areas. If you’re looking for an all in one tool that literally does it all, then considering the Werkmaster Scarab should be one of your first choices.

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14. Werkmaster Termite XT Wood Floor Sander – 9.9

The Werkmaster Termite XT is another 7 in 1 tool that will literally replace many that you have lying around. The high quality craftsmanship of this wood floor sander allows you to not only sand your floors, but also edge, buff, grind, polish, strip, and burnish a wide array of surfaces and finishes. The unique and innovative Werkmaster SandPaperless system makes it an ideal power tool for sanding, finishing, and repurposing hardwood floors to bring back that same great finish that has been lacking.

Finishing versus replacing will save you a great deal of money, but the work that goes in is only as good as the power tool being used. This is where the Werkmaster Termite XT come in and if you’re a flooring professional you get the performance and versatility that is nearly impossible to find in any other power sander.

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13. Bosch OS50VC 120 Volt 3.4 AMP ½ Sheet Finishing Orbit Sander – 9.9

The Bosch OS50VC is a powerful 3.4 Amp finishing orbit sander that features a ¼-inch sheet. This highly versatile power sander is perfect for a multitude of projects and is the perfect tool for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Scoring a 9.9 out of 10, it’s easy to see why this ranks among the best of the best which is why it has become one of Amazon’s best sellers.

The variable speed dial of the Bosch OS50VC is what helps distinguish it from all of the rest orbital sanders which makes it very easy for the user to control the speed and power. Matching the most important aspects of any sander to any task is extremely difficult, unless you have a very versatile sander that was built for just that. Coming in at just under $330 it proves to be more expensive than a conventional standard, but for most it’ll be a small price to pay for near perfection.

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12. PowRyte Basic 100354 6 Inch Air Random Orbit Sander – 10.0

The PowRyte Basic is a 6-inch air random orbit sander that comes in with a very affordable price. Coming in at under $40, you get lightweight, but high performing power sander. It features greater control with the touch control trigger, and ergonomic design makes sanding for long periods of time a breeze. Easily stick on the sanding pad that stays on for long periods and rigorous sanding.

This powerful sander churns out 12,000 RPM’s and with an internal silencer you will hardly hear it work. Keeping your work area free and clear of sanding dust is as easy as attaching the vacuum to the adjustable dust port. Weighing only 2.1 pounds, this PowRyte Basic proves that power and performance can easily be matched with a lightweight, and user friendly design. See for yourself what $39 dollars can get you, just like thousands of other consumers already have.

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11. Capri Tools CP32074 6 Inch Random Orbital Palm Sander – 10.0

The Capri Tools CP32074 is a professional random orbital sander that features a powerful, and performance based 6-inch sanding surface. The highly versatile power sander is among the best of the best as it scores a perfect 10 out of 10 for numerous reasons, and all of which is what we as professionals have come to expect. The unique features and properties make this tool best suited for body shops and woodworking professionals, but has a very cheap price of under $54.

This Capri Tools random orbital palm sander is built to last with composite housing which will give you years of continuous use. The patented oil free design is a Capri Tools feature which will give your hands a great platform for hours of hard use. The very efficient air free dynamics means less air use giving you more power for when you need it the most and the easy to use push button control makes changing out the sanding pads a breeze.

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10. Comie 750 WATT Adjustable Drywall Sander – 10.0

The Comie 750 Watt adjustable drywall sander is not only the best drywall sanders on the market, but it’s also among the best power sanders. This high performing power tool takes sanding drywall to a whole new level as the durable aluminum frame will keep you sanding for many years to come. The swiveling head makes it easy to reach the hard to reach places including corner, angles, and other unique shapes that are impossible to sand with any other drywall sander.

it is powered by a 750-watt motor which is more than enough for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The lightweight design makes it easy to use for long periods of continuous use which is a detractor from most other drywall sanders. For easy clean-up, attach an optional vacuum to the built in dust collection hose.

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9. Grizzly G0723 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander – 10.0

The Grizzly G0723 is a benchtop oscillating spindle sander that helps make this type of sanding more convenient. The idea to be portable is better suited for a subset of consumers and the amount of space this sander takes up will truly surprise you. Despite its compact design, you get plenty of power for spindle sanding with the ¼-hp motor which features 1725 RPM’s with no load.

Safety won’t be a concern with the easy to toggle on/off locking start switch and with slower oscillating speeds you can truly get the best finish. If you’re in the market for a sander that give you a smooth finish with angles, curves, arcs, and other unique shapes and designs, then considering this 52-pound spindle sander from Grizzly will set you back much less than you think.

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8. Black and Decker BDER0600 Random Orbit Sander – 10.0

The Black and Decker BDERO600 is our top rated random orbital, and one of the best power sanders you will ever find. Eclipsing a perfect score, the BDERO600 proves that budget minded, but high performance power tools do exist. Featuring Black & Decker’s patented Paddle Switch Activation, you will be rest assured that safety is never overlooked.

It features a 2.4 Amp motor which is best suited for small to mid-sized projects, but has been known to tackle some bigger projects as well. With over 14,000 orbits per minute, you will also get a swirl free sanding finish each and every time. The dust collection system is something definitely worth bragging about and coming in at under $49 is definitely the best selling point.

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7. Hitachi S18SB 6.2 AMP Vertical Disc Sander – 10.0

The Hitachi S18SB is a vertical disc sander that brings with it all sorts of sanding power. The unique design gives the user superior balance and control that is very difficult to find in any other vertical disc sander. For those of you looking for an aggressive sander than you’ll be able to take advantage of Hitachi’s high overload durability which helps minimize any idea of burnout.

Durability won’t be an issue as the Hitachi S18SB was built to last with its dust resistant chamber, double insulation, wear resistant, and dust-resistant ball bearing construction. Continuous use for long periods of time is won’t wear you down as the S18SB features a lockable trigger button. User comfort is also superior with the elastomer covered pistol grip handle.

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6. Clarke Orbital Floor Sander – 10.0

Floor sanding takes a special type of power sander, and the Clarke Orbital Floor Sander is by far one of the best. As if the perfect 10 out of 10 wasn’t impressive enough, it comes standard with everything you need to meet the expectations of someone looking for a true power tool. The heavy duty chassis makes it perfect for those looking for durability along with a rotomolded fan housing, 50-foot gray molded power cable, and Cast Aluminum Power Driver.

The totally enclosed 1-HP motor is plenty of power for stripping, repurposing, and sanding any type of hardwood floors which will help bring back that new look you’re looking for. Comparing the Clarke Orbital Floor Sander with all the rest, it’s competitively priced, outperforms the competition, and will make the perfect addition to any flooring specialist.

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5. Titan Tools 19225 6 Inch Orbital Palm Sander – 10.0

Titan Tools may not be a household name when it comes to power sanders, but the 19225 is easily one of the best. This orbital palm sander features a 6-inch sanding surface which is large enough for any sized sanding task. The unique design makes this dual action sander stand-out, and for performance based individuals like most of us it outperforms all of the rest.

This air powered orbital palm sander weighs just 2.9 pounds, and thanks to the ergonomic design and grip you can use continuously for long periods of time. The random action features a 55-millimeter orbit for a perfect finish and with a max operating speed of 10,000 RPM’s it’s plenty of power for sanding all types of surfaces. All this for around $65 is quite a steal which makes it a great option for DIY’ers and professionals alike.

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4. Astro 325P ONYX 6 Inch Finishing Palm Sander – 10.0

The Astro 325P Onyx finishing palm sander is more like a jewel than a power tool due to its specialized nature which delivers on everything it’s expected to. This power sander is by far one of the best of the year, and coming in at under $95 makes it a steal at this price. Giving you the tool that outperforms other finishing palm sanders when looking at quality, and a superior smooth finish.

This Onyx 6-inch palm sander delivers in power and features a 3/32-inch Stroke Finish. Superlight weighing only 1.5 pounds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a finishing sander that you can use for long periods of time with this type of performance. The orbital action, built in speed regulator, and durable construction are just some of the many features you’ll find inside.

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3. Makita B06030 2.7 AMP 6 Inch Random Orbit Sander – 10.0

The Makita B06030 is one of the many reasons Makita has become one of the most prolific manufacturers of power tools. Scoring a perfect rating with both consumers who have purchased it and those of us who depend on it, this random orbit sander is easily among the best of the best. Featuring a 2.7 Amp motor and a 6-inch sanding surface which features 30% less vibration than any competitor.

The Makita B06030 random orbital boasts a variable speed control with 4000 to 10,000 oscillations per minute. Matching the speed to the specific project is as easy as it sounds, but only when operating a high performance sander such as this. You’ll also find a hook and loop system for easy and long-term sandpaper attachment, locking trigger switch, detachable front handle, and a very efficient dust collection system onboard.

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2. Dynabrade 56815 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander – 10.0

When looking at random orbit sanders, there are only a few which we feel confident enough to recommend to everyone, and would say are perfect for any type of project. The Dynabrade 56815 is definitely one of the few as it comes in at a much steeper price than most, but it’s well worth it. Built to last and withstand the rigors of everyday use for the most experience professionals with a learning curve that any DIY weekend user is sure to appreciate.

This Dynabrade random orbit sander features a very rugged 5-inch sanding surface with an oscillation motion that will create the most amazing finish every time, and on almost any type of surface imaginable. With the five blade system that is unique to Dynabrade, you will get optimal performance with more usable power.

You will get superior comfort with the Comfort Platinum design which provides improved wrist and hand support. The one drawback is that it doesn’t come standard with a dust collection system, but it can easily be extended with an optional vacuum conversion kit. Despite this, the performance out of the box is superior and with the vacuum kit you get one hell of a dust collection system seen in any power sander.

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1. Astro 322P ONYX 6 Inch Finishing Orbit Sander – 10.0

Coming in as the best power sander of 2016 to 2017 is the Astro 322P which slightly beats out other rated 10 out of 10 sanders on this list. The main reason is the price which comes in slightly less than other random orbitals on this list, and the versatility of this type of sander alone makes it a must have for any woodworker.

Coming in at under $87, the Astro 322P boasts the power and performance for professionals, but keeping it respectable for the price which is something that many DIY’ers depend on the most. When looking at the best of all worlds, hands down the 322P deserves this honorable distinction.

Some of the most notable features include a 6-inch sanding surface, 5mm stroke finish, 1.5 pounds in weight, longer half-life with sealed bearing construction, low noise, vibration free design, and very compact for the mobile operator. If you could choose only one on this list, then picking up the highly versatile Astro 322P Onyx is a must have, and must do.

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