[AdSense-A]Whether you’re an avid word-working enthusiast or someone who likes to dabble in some of the finer things in life, you’ve probably already noticed that replacement parts of any power tool can become quite expensive. Replacing sander belts is one of those accessories that we can’t live without, and if you’ve priced new belts at your local hardware store you’ve probably already starting looking for alternatives. Belt sanders won’t exactly work without the abrasive belt which does all of the dirty work, so going without just isn’t an option.

If you’re someone who likes to save a buck here there like we are, then let us be the first ones to tell you there is an How to Clean Sanding Belts and Save a Great Deal of Moneyalternative. Instead of throwing your old belt away after a couple of projects and having to buy new ones, there is a very cost effective and easy to use product which will help extend your sander belt and help you save a great deal of money over-time.

The cost of a new belt can vary and depends on many factors such as the size, material, and the amount you purchase. Typically, they can range in price between $8 and upwards of $50, and depending on how often you use your belt sander and the types of projects you’re doing this can become quite costly. Simply stated, the abrasive surface of the belt itself accumulates dust (called belt loading) which virtually makes the surface somewhat inept to sanding.

Cleaning the belt will help reduce loading which in essence is residue such as bi-products like wood which fills the voids between the mineral particles on the belt itself. This can be done many times using an abrasive belt and disk cleaner which is significantly cheaper than continually replacing belts. The true end-point of a sander belt is when the mineral particles itself are completely worn which renders the belt virtually useless no matter how well, and how often you clean it.

We’ve done a great deal of research and one product has received great reviews from both professionals and consumers alike. When looking at the following product, we’ve considered everything including effectiveness, cost, and the amount of money you will save over the years.

The Pro Stick W1307 received rave reviews from both consumers and pros and will save you a ton of money in the long-run. These Pro Stick belt cleaners are super easy to use, take no time at all, and you can have them at your doorstep in a matter of a day or two. The cleaner resembles that of a large eraser, and all you do is press the Pro Stick lightly against your belt and discs while the sander is on and the belt is moving.

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